Oregon AAU District
Welcome to the Oregon District AAU, which includes the counties of Clark, Cowlitz, and Skamania in Washington. (Territory realigned September, 1987)

To Contact the Oregon District AAU Office
Diane Wenger - 541-683-0604  or wenger3826@aol.com.

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Oregon District Officers (2014)
Governor – Chuck Wenger– oregonaau@comcast.net
Secretary – Jill Banks - jillaau@outlook.com
Registrar - Rosie Honi - jrhoni@msn.com

Neighboring Districts

Inland Empire District
Includes eastern Washington state counties, Idaho and Elko, Eureka and White Pine counties in Nevada.

Pacific Northwest District
Includes western Washington counties.

Pacific District
Includes many northern California

Local AAU clubs hold tryouts and place players on teams.
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If your child wants to play AAU sports you can place his/her name on a list that coaches use to find players for their teams.

AAU Coach Memberships Are No Longer Instant

Mandatory Background Checks for all Coaches Begins on August 15, 2012

•New application screening process will impact each adult athlete/non-athlete applicant.
•Applications will not be approved instantaneously, and applicants must consent to a background screening.
•Each adult/non-athlete applicant must complete his/her own application
•Depending on the results, the applicant may be required to submit additional information
•Projected turnaround time could be 5-10 business days.
•You will not be able to participate in any AAU practices or authorized events until you have received your membership
•Youth Athlete memberships will process instantly

Oregon Concussion Bill Signed Into Law
Concussion Management - It's The Law

On June 25, Oregon's Governor Kitzhaber signed Senate Bill 782, "Jenna's Law", which requires basic educations for coaches, officials, players and even parents in recognizing symptoms of a concussion. The bill extends these requirements beyond Oregon's original 2009 law to include all youth sports including club sports.  Click here to read the text of SB 782
Any coach in Oregon who vounteers or is paid to instruct or train members of a nonschool athletic team must be informed and educated about symptoms of concussions. (Concussion training in schools is already mandated by Oregon's 2009 Max's Law.) Coaches must receive annual training to learn how to recognize the symptoms of a concussion and how to seek proper medical treatment for a person suspected of having a concussion. It is also the reponsibility of any club or other governing body to make available guidelines and materials related to concussion management to all parents and youth participants over the age of 12. The bill requires that coaches not allow participation in an athletic event or training on the same day that a member receives a concussion and does not allow return to play or training until there are no signs of concussion AND a health professional has signed a medical release form.
Here are some valuable resources that clubs and coaches can review to ensure that their organization is in compliance with SB782

OCAMP - Oregon Concussion Awareness and Management Program. This is the Oregon school-wide educational resource on concussion management. It has a wealth of resource material for coaches, parents and teen athletes.
Concussion in Sports - The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) offers this FREE COURSE on sports related concussion.developed at Oregon's own Slocum Center.
Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports - This is a tool kit from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention specifically designed for youth sports. It contains an online training course for coaches as well as fact sheets, posters etc.
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Contact Chuck Wenger
541-485-5474 AAU Oregon Office
541-554-6810 Chuck Wenger cell phone
Or e-mail  oregonaau@comcast.net